''Coach Cimini is the best coach I had growing up. Not just because of the technical and fundamental aspects he preaches to players, which are good, but because of the relationship he had with his players. Coach Cimini took a chance on me when I was just an average high school player. He took a personal interest in me and that helped me become a much better player and person. It’s rare to find a coach with a better balance of teaching a player how to play the game the right way in terms of fundamentals, technique, and approach and also investing into the person behind the player. My two years at Liggett were made much better by having coach Cimini as our leader. My knowledge of the game and skills to be a great pitcher, hitter, and position player grew considerably by learning from coach Cimini. But above all, the fun my teammates and I experienced under coach Cimini outweighs everything else. He brings fiery passion and knowledge of the game to every practice and it is truly fun to learn and play under him. Coach Cimini understands that developing a player is crucial in terms of having success on the field, but what I take away most from my years under Cimini is that passion, grit, and love for baseball will set you apart. I owe a lot to coach Cimini and I’m glad to have him as a role model and friend to this day."

Alex Daar, 2012 Mr. Baseball in Michigan, University of Liggett Baseball 2012, University of Michigan Baseball

"I have known Dan Cimini since he played for me on our first Final Four team in 1987. He was a fiery center fielder with blinding speed. He has carried that competitive spirit with him in his coaching career to build a tremendous program at University Liggett."

Dan Griesbaum, Head Baseball Coach, Grosse Pointe South

"Dan Cimini was instrumental in my development as a youth athlete. He is knowledgeable in the strength phase of baseball along with the fundamentals of the game. I have great memories working with him and he certainly helped me reach my goals in high school and beyond."

Chris Getz, Major League Baseball Player, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays